Karen Rain - "Pattabhi Jois Was Not a Great Yogi"


Karen Rain talks with J about the lack of consent culture in yoga, and ways that people can change what they are doing in their own spheres to create a safer and more just society. They discuss the abuse and deception that Pattabhi Jois committed on her and others, deflection and denial from those in the community, calling out rape culture, and educating ourselves about power imbalances. Karen also turns the tables on J and holds him to account for his own culpability in the past. This episode is brought to you by YogaAnatomy.net


Update [Nov 29, 2018] and Content Warning: I appreciate how provocative this podcast has been for so many. With help, I've come to see that some of the remarks being made in the comment thread perpetuate a key pattern that Karen Rain is trying hard to challenge: that victims of sexual assault should behave and act in a certain way as they tell their stories and ask for accountability. As such these comments might be triggering to other survivors of sexual assault. Some also misunderstand something important, which I'd like to emphasize here: I fully accepted Karen's request to be questioned on how I've covered the Ashtanga abuse story so far. While it wasn't comfortable for me, it was extremely valuable, and has shown me how I continually need to seek out better resources in this area. I don't normally moderate comments on these pages but I will for this one, starting now, to make sure that things stay productive, that the value of this podcast is not distorted, and so that Karen's work is honored. - J


J. Brown

J. Brown is a yoga teacher, writer, and founder of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn, New York. A teacher for 15 years, he is known for his pragmatic approach to teaching personal, breath-centered therapeutic yoga that adapt to individual needs. His writing has been featured in Yoga Therapy Today, the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, Elephant Journal and Yogadork.