We are currently accepting advertising partners for the Podcast. Space is limited and will close / go to a waiting list when filled.

J. Brown Yoga Talks is the #1 Podcast For Yoga Teachers worldwide.  We are in the TOP 30 Alternative health podcasts on iTunes,  and in the 94th percentile of all podcasts worldwide and growing steadily. The depth of connection afforded by a podcast (in J’s case, 90 minutes every week),  along with the level of J’s trusted status as a thought leader and influencer with his devoted audience,  promises an advertising value taht an instagram post, FB or google ad can’t compete with.

J. Brown Yoga Talks - Sponsorship Rates & Packages (as of 12/18)


$166 / One-Minute Outro Read By J.

$333 / One-Minute Intro Read By J.

$500 / One-Minute Top of Podcast Read by J.

In 12 or 24 episode minimum packages (spots in episodes every week or spread out)

$166 x 12 episodes =  $1,992

$166 x 24 episodes =  $3,984

$333 x 12 episodes =  $3,996

$500 x 12 episodes =  $6,000


We bill in 4 episode increments.   (Usually every month or two depending on the schedule of the ads - every week or every other week, etc.)   We can customize the ad copy for each episode as necessary with short notice.



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